My thought about bad days (diarypage)

Hello people! These days i feel insecure by myself, i feel that everything i do or i say is kind of joke, and in these moments i put everything hearted, and with all these i got to ask me what I want to do and if it’s worth trying. I’m sorry, I know this post has nothing to do with fashion but I felt the need to write it.
Sometimes, I don’t know what I am, and what I do…I feel empty, something like I don’t know whats my purpose in life or what I want and what i do, i forget my goals.. In moments like this, I’m very disappointed by people, by things that some people said to me, by anything that i do wrong, i feel like i’m nothing, i feel that nothing matters anymore, I’m just feel like i will never be what i want to be, i will never be good enough and i will never change something in my life. I don’t like to be disappointed, to feel insecure by myself … I need to be confident , and believe in me…because if i don’t do this, who will do? I need to believe in me, to be confident and forget all that people said about me, because in life you can’t please everybody.

                   Even i’m very down, I will raise again and again … just like that i will learn what’s meant to be alive.
With time, i learn that everybody is different and everybody is beautiful in his own way, so i don’t understand why people compare you and criticize you, but maybe they do this just to feel they better. But as long as I learn to feel good in my skin I should not care what others say, and I think that’s something that everybody need to understand and become a better person.

Learn to be as happy as possible.4032c0a2e21184644ec4d9153bd4b54b anigif_enhanced-buzz-2280-1403534800-11 large tumblr_m4yxqodcCS1rv3zdxo1_500 tumblr_mbni4du30J1rv3zdxo1_500 tumblr_m9sevqnRQT1rv3zdxo1_500 tumblr_mcpx4vgFV41qfep67o1_500


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